There is a lot of outrage right now about all the school shootings with a push for gun bans. There are by various estimates anywhere from 270 million to 310 million guns in the United States, with 42 percent of U.S. households having at least one gun in possession. The estimate is that there are over 15 million AR 15 guns out there amongst sportsmen and they don’t go around killing folks.

It would be nice to see the same outrage and protest for the nearly 2,000 plus teen suicides that happen every year. Although any time anyone is shot it is a devastating thing, so is a teen suicide which also devastates families.

I would venture to say that bullying in schools has a lot to do with school shootings and suicides. Schools need to have programs in place to stomp out bullying, and with our electronic age (which seems to perpetuate the problem) we need to impress on students to report every bullying no matter how small and to report anything students put online that is a threatening post. Some of these posts may be a joke but heaven help us if it is not. Please go online and check for yourself.

So the question is do we have a gun problem or a social/moral problem?

Also if you haven’t read Sheri Schofield’s article in last Thursday’s IR, please do so.

Don Paul