Coming back to renew my love for Helena, I found a reunion of many varieties. My first next-door neighbor was turning 90! 90? She seemed just a but older when we met in 1973 and I was a senior at University of Montana.

Running into people from my past was easy, though I have been gone since 1980. Being a bit of a celebrity as one of the folks who started the Sweetgrass Bakery, I could always open a chat with that then other topics would "rise." But this visit was different. When I heard the news that my "claim to fame" Sweetgrass Bakery was closed, it took me awhile to digest that finality.

To me and so many others, the bakery held an almost mythological quality. To have started in 1976 an organic unique bakery where we ground our own wheat made people journey from afar and often. They loved the ritual of coming in from the cold, glasses fogging up and ordering a plethora of breads, challah, bagels, bagettes & croissants in a friendly atmosphere.

It seems everyone has a Sweetgrass story, a connection to a wholesome and genuine creation that lasted over 40 years. Though I don't know how anything lasts that long, I do know the memory of the Sweetgrass Bakery and its imprint on the community will be a lasting aroma.

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Ellie Rapp

Seattle, Washington


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