Thumbs down

In case you haven’t noticed, streets in Montana can be treacherous in the winter.

This became painfully evident to just about everyone in Helena last week, when unusually warm overnight temperatures created a slick layer of water and ice that led to about 90 crashes and slide-offs throughout Lewis and Clark County.

Though none of the accidents resulted in life-threatening injuries, it’s hard to imagine how much damage they caused to vehicles and property throughout the area.

Like many in Helena, we wouldn’t mind seeing a little more of our community’s fine snowplow operators, particularly in residential areas where we’re seeing layers upon layers of ice building up.

But we also know they are up against budget constraints just like the rest of us, and slick roads sometimes come with the territory if you’re lucky enough to live in Montana.


Thumbs up

There’s no question about whether the students of Broadwater Elementary School are in good hands.

Broadwater Principal Susan Sweeney’s colleagues described her as “forward thinking and innovative in her leadership approach” and said she “loves to trail blaze new territory in Montana’s educational community and thrives on implementing new approaches to education.”

Greg Upham, assistant superintendent for Helena Public Schools, called her a gifted leader whose students are succeeding despite the school’s high rate of poverty.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you that Sweeney knows what she’s doing, her new title as Montana’s National Distinguished Principal should be.

Sweeney earned the recognition from the Montana Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals, and she will travel to Washington in October to represent Montana at events honoring some of the country’s best educators.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate her on this high honor, which should help the parents of Broadwater students sleep a little better at night.