After reading Mr. Northup's review of the movie "15:17 to Paris" I decided not to go because he gave it a very poor review. I changed my mind because I wanted to see what the European trains look like now compared to what they looked like when I toured Europe on a train 50 years ago.

I was really in for a shock. I thought the movie was one of the most important movies I had seen in years. It brings to light the effect a divorce has on a child. The movie started with the three boys in grade school to show they were all from single parent families. Their teacher told their mothers that kids being raised by a single mom should put their kids on medication because they have ADD. They had trouble keeping focus, just stared out the window and got in trouble. Anyone who comes from a divorce home understands that feeling.

When they got out of school two of them joined the military service. The movie really shows how the military gets them out of the habit of not paying attention. That is very true to life. Within minutes of getting to basic training you learn to follow orders, no excuses.

When they go on vacation across Europe they hit the bars and do touristy things like throwing coins in fountains. That is what young men do on vacation in Europe. The previous reviewer thought those acts were boring and didn't add to the movie. But that is how it happened so that is why they showed it. They were just being average young men in Europe. I was in Europe from the time I was 18 until I was 21 so I know that first hand.

The previous review thought that Clint Eastwood should have hired actors instead of using the actual men to play their own part. To me that was a bonus to be able to see the actual heroes. They get on a train and are suddenly in a position to stop a terrorist. The scenes were very graphic. The movie put in the actual events showing them receiving France's highest honor for saving lives. It also showed the parade they were given when they returned to their home town in Sacramento. The movie shows kids that what they do after they leave school will determine what kind of person they are. Heroes are people that help others and we can all do that.

I would highly recommend every single parent to take their kids to this movie. It would show their kids that no matter how bad things are in school it will get better. It also shows that going into the military can help you a lot. When I look back on my life I credit the military for changing my life. After barely getting out of high school I came back from the military with the ability to focus and graduated from college.

Frank Ahl