Wednesday’s federal court ruling struck down most of Montana’s limits on campaign contributions, but not all of them. Here’s a summary of the limits and the ruling’s effect:

Limits struck down:

-- Individual/*PAC donation to governor candidate: $630

--Individual/PAC donation to other statewide candidate: $310

--Individual/PAC donation to legislative or other local candidate $160

--Total political party donations to governor candidate: $22,600

--Total political party donations to other statewide candidate: $8,150

--Total political party donations to public service commission candidate: $3,260

--Total political party donations to state Senate candidate: $1,300

--Total political party donations to other public offices: $800

Limits not struck down, and still in effect:

--Total PAC contributions to state Senate candidate: $2,650

--Total PAC contributions to state House candidate: $1,600

--Corporations are still forbidden to give donations directly to candidates, but can make “independent expenditures” on the candidate’s behalf.

*PAC stands for political action committee.

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