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Eugene Gisselbeck explains the trap set for a mountain lion on his nearly 14 acre property after the 91-year-old goat rancher lost several goats to the animal. Gisselbeck and his wife Evelyn have been raising goats on their property up Butler Creek road for 43 years, and their herd has suffered three mountain lion attacks.

Rebekah Welch, Missoulian

Three more goat kids were killed by a mountain lion at the Gisselbeck ranch just northwest of Missoula this weekend.

The goats were at the end of the Butler Creek Road property, close to the large trap set last week by U.S. Department of Agriculture trapper Ted North, after a lion killed a yearling goat and four kids in two separate attacks.

Of the goats killed this weekend, “one was partly eaten, the others were dead in their pen,” Eugene Gisselbeck said Monday. “North moved the trap and placed the dead one as bait.”

"There's supposed to be some place that uses dogs in Missoula," Gisselbeck said, "but there's too many people" to use them in the Butler Creek area where the Gisselbecks reside.

This winter, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks used dogs to track down a lion, which then was killed, near Rattlesnake Elementary School, said Jamie Jonkel, FWP wildlife management specialist.

But he said using any kind of dogs to locate the lion killing the Gisselbecks' goats would be very difficult or impossible because of the number of property owners near the ranch.

“The best way to get very, very irate people is to have a dog running a deer or a lion through their backyard,” Jonkel said.


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