GREAT FALLS - Montana State University's lawyer says MSU-Northern officials don't have to apologize for inviting a Christian pastor to give the invocation and benediction at the school's graduation in May.

The ACLU of Montana had filed a complaint and asked for an apology after some faculty members said Pastor Tim Zerger of the Community Alliance Church proselytized during the May 8 ceremony. They say Zerger repeatedly referred to Jesus as a personal savior.

Leslie Taylor, chief legal counsel for MSU, says in her response to the ACLU that university officials had no intention of endorsing religion when they invited Zerger to speak.

ACLU communications director Amy Cannata says the university's position is unfortunate but the group won't pursue the issue in court.

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Wait until these grads have to go out and find jobs, then they may very well need some prayer! Come on ACLU, haven't you got anything better to complain about?


Would you be so quick to defend MSU if they had hired an Imam to epout the gloriousness that is Allah? Didn't think so.

Religion, ANY religion, has no place in tax-funded public institutions. That whole pesky "Seperation of Church and State" thing...


wow can people just grow up and respect others beliefs and learn to accept benedictions from others! its like those people who don't believe in god that flip out when you say "god bless you" when someone sneezes.


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