Montana Gov. Steve Bullock said Tuesday he is forming a federal political action committee to allow him to travel and be a larger part of the national political conversation.

On Monday evening, the New York Times published a story saying Montana's Democratic governor is taking "the first steps" toward a run for president in 2020.

Tuesday afternoon, Bullock told reporters the PAC will allow him to "share Montana's story."

“Montana has a story that I’m asked more and more often about as far as how we treat one another with respect, we actually work together to get some things done, from health care to campaign finance transparency and other things,” Bullock told reporters Tuesday. “The ability to be part of that conversation, I think lending our voice is significant (and) there is no mechanism under state law to do so, so we formed that fed pac both to help out some people and to help travel, (that) allows me to be part of that."

When asked if he would consider a run for president, Bullock said “2020 is a long, long way away. I have no idea what I’ll be doing at that point.”

Bullock has gained attention as a Democrat from what's viewed as a red state that voted for Republican President Donald Trump by 20 points. He narrowly won re-election against now-U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte last November.

He came into the governorship following popular Democrat Gov. Brian Schweitzer, who has been named as a possible presidential candidate before.

Nationally Democrats have struggled to connect with rural voters in red states, which increases the appeal of a candidate like Bullock, who has worked with state Republican lawmakers to pass Mediaid expansion.

Last week he was elected vice president of the National Governors Association during that groups gathering in Rhode Island.

Bullock is also forming a statewide PAC to work to elect people with the values and priorities of Montanans and who are willing to work with the governor to advance policy, a spokeswoman said.