The police booking photo of U.S. Rep. Greg Gianforte, who was convicted in Gallatin County Justice Court earlier this year of assaulting a reporter, was released Wednesday.

Neither Gianforte nor the county attorney contested the release of the mugshot, and the decision was made by Gallatin County District Judge Holly Brown to release the mugshot after requests from across the nation, including from Lee Montana Newspapers.

The mugshot was distributed for a $10 fee to media Wednesday. Seven news organizations had filed a request for the mugshot. Now that it is public, campaigns against Gianforte, who is up for re-election next year, are expected to make use of the image.

In the mugshot, Gianforte is smiling, wearing a dress shirt and U.S. flag pin on the left lapel of a blazer.

Gianforte pleaded guilty earlier this year to misdemeanor assault for "body-slamming" Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs on the eve of his election to Montana's U.S. House seat in a runoff to fill the post after it was vacated when Ryan Zinke became Secretary of the Interior.

While Gianforte admitted to the assault, he never clarified why his campaign sent out a false statement immediately after saying Jacobs instigated the event.

In June Gianforte was given a six-month deferred sentence. He has since completed community service and an anger management course and paid nearly $4,500 to Jacobs.

At the June court hearing, Jacobs asked Gianforte for an interview once the Representative was sworn in. Jacobs has since expressed frustration that an on-the-record interview hasn't occurred, while Gianforte has said he offered an off-the-record chat.

A spokesman for Gianforte released the following statement Wednesday:

"As an elected official, Greg is committed to transparency. Greg would have provided the materials on his own in August if the law allowed it. Instead, Greg volunteered the release of the information and has worked to ensure it is available to the public. Since being elected in May, Greg remains focused on serving as a strong voice for Montana in Washington."