Mark A. Burzynski has loaned himself more campaign money and received more outside contributions than anyone else running for Helena City Commission this year. 

Records filed with the Office of the Commissioner of Political Practices show Burzynski loaned his campaign $12,000 in working capital and received another $14,455 in donations from July 19 to Oct. 29, for total receipts of $26,455.

Commissioner of Political Practices Jeffrey Mangan said municipal candidates were allowed to accept donations of up to $400 from a political action committee and $330 from a person prior to Oct. 23, when the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a district court ruling against Montana’s lower campaign contribution limits. As a result of the ruling, the contribution limit was reset to $170 per election for both PACs and people donating to a municipal candidate on Oct. 23 or later.

Burzynski reported contributions of $330 from David Henry of Havre, as well as Helena residents Robert McCullough, Judi McCullough, Candida Quinn, Julie Lamb-Heller, Parker Heller, Terry Cosgrove, Jan Cosgrove, Mike Frank, Dick Anderson and Fred Olson.

His biggest expenses include $6,380 to Lamar Outdoor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana for four outdoor billboards, $1,109 to the U.S. Postal Service for postage, and $1,063 to Plazby, LLC of Bozeman for logo graphic design, webpage and advertising development.

The reports show that commission candidate Heather O’Loughlin deposited $11,947.62 in total receipts from April 20 to Oct. 26. They also show her campaign reimbursed her $3,766.03 for various out-of-pocket costs, which were classified as in-kind loans that did not count toward her total receipts. O'Loughlin received $330 donations from Kim Abbott, Colleen Casey, Neal Ullman and Tara Veazey of Helena, Mark O’Loughlin of Great Falls, Patrick Murphy of Polson, Frank O’Loughlin of Evergreen, Colorado, Arlene Ullman and Bob Ullman of Redmond, Oregon, and Amber Cottle and Janis Lazda of Washington, D.C.

O’Loughlin’s biggest expenses include payments totaling about $4,000 to Action Print of Helena for various materials, about $3,000 to the U.S. Postal Service for mail service, and about $1,400 to Allegra Marketing of Helena for yard signs, handouts and other materials.

Candidate Sean Logan reported contributions totaling $11,645 from April 19-Oct. 21. He received $330 donations from Marian Hanson, Bridget Macgregor, Robert McCullough and Helen Ballinger, all of Helena.

Logan’s biggest expenditures include payments totaling $4,211 to the Helena Independent Record for print and digital advertising, $2,816 to the Montana Radio Company of Helena for radio advertising, and $1,573.36 to Element L. Design of East Helena for graphic design work and yard signs.

Incumbent Commissioner Andres Haladay reported contributions totaling $9,963 as of Oct. 21. He received $330 donations from Mike Casey, Luise Haladay, Stella Haladay, Leah Cupino and Mark Juedeman, all of Helena.

His biggest expenditures include payments totaling $5,100.95 to Action Print for mailers and postage for post cards.

Candidate Justin Ailport reported contributions of $4,458 from April 28-Oct. 21. He received a $330 contribution from Monica Lindeen of Helena.

His biggest expenditures include several payments totaling $1,684 to The Billings Times for yard signs, envelopes and printing services.

Candidate Gary Spaeth reported contributions totaling $600, all of which he donated to his own campaign. He reported a $175 payment to the Montana Democratic Party for a mailing list.

Unless a candidate receives a contribution of $100 or more from a single source, none of them will be required to file any additional campaign finance reports before Election Day.

Ballots have been mailed and must be returned by Tuesday. Two of the six commission candidates will be elected.