Students, administrators, parents and the greater community benefit from the reality of a strong commitment to a quality education system that continues to strive for the greatest achievements. Our students represent sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, cousins, granddaughters, grandsons and cherished friends. They represent the future in engineering, health care, agriculture, business and technology. And, each student also represents the past. Our students strive to reach individual goals with the knowledge and confidence of those who achieved before them in the same common space, Helena Public Schools.

Helena Public School buildings house the dreams we all share. Each building acts an enclave of creativity and design. Our public school buildings provide safe and familiar areas for education systems to flourish. They house the greatest of ideas and achievements. Our public schools provide centers for education, theaters for creativity and spaces for gathering. Schools positively impact the financial viability of our city offering an enhanced quality of life and the desirability of our community for investment.

Our schools are foundations in our neighborhoods. Our schools bring us together, allow us to share time and provide opportunity for us all. Our valued public school buildings need critical maintenance and upgrades to be safe and viable learning centers. Continuing the building reserve levy is the only financial mechanism to address the Helena Public School’s infrastructural needs and maintenance issues.

With each new class of kindergarteners, freshman and teachers, our schools welcome and provide shelter for the greatest of personal achievements. School buildings age and mature right alongside our students. It is important that we reflect on these aging pillars of our community and continue to provide the necessary financial resources to ensure that future family members and friends enjoy continued positive experiences and opportunities to succeed.

Please commit to prioritizing education in our community. Join us in voting yes for the continuation of the Helena Public Schools Building Reserve Levy.

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