Living a block from Central School, we miss the walking buses of students, parents and pets making their way to school each morning. We miss the art projects left on our doorstep by students accompanied by updates about student and school activities.

Since the closure of Central School, our neighborhood has experienced squatters, garbage, vandalism. This is not the neighborhood we moved to, nor the reason we spent 20 years renovating our old house which was more expensive to do than build new and involved many compromises.

There was hope for Central School when an unprecedented 75 percent of voters approved a school bond that included building a new school. Unfortunately, a lawsuit to negate the demolition permit is delaying the clear intent of the voters, possibly for years.

In a new Central School, we can incorporate historical features and provide a design that will accommodate emerging and future learning needs – cost effective, no compromises on learning and safety, and honor the historic nature of our neighborhood and the downtown. It is our sincere hope that the lawsuit will be dropped and that the wishes of Helena voters will be honored for the good of our students and our neighborhood.

Teresa Geremia-Chart and John Chart