I had the great fortune to spend a birthday in Slovenia, an eastern European country that was ravaged by the German occupation, subsumed by communism under Tito and which gained its independence peacefully in 1991. People in countries around the world I have visited voice surprise, fear and, after a beer or so, profound disgust that we have exalted to our highest office a dangerous, reckless buffoon who seems bent on threatening global stability in an unimaginable variety of ways. We need to listen to these voices. They represent the hope that America represented for my generation a half century ago. That hope has been squandered in the name of ubercapitalism. Seems like it's time to take stock of ourselves and offer reassurance to the planet that we will turn our eyes and minds in a better direction. The sooner the better, lest we truly become the canary in the coal mine we are creating.

Randy Dix