I turned on the TV last night and witnessed a debate on allowing legislators to "conceal carry" guns in the People's House. A vote was taken, it passed.

Thankfully, taxpayers wouldn't have to pay for holsters, six shooters and bullets. It's not clear if a shooting range will be on site to maintain accuracy. We don't want an unwary tourist gunned down mistakenly.

No doubt the "no weapons allowed" notices near the doorways will disappear. If so, it's only fair that constituents, tourists, foreign dignitaries and venders be warned via appropriate signage of the new law or, perhaps require legislators to wear hunter orange name tags.

Perchance hand held scanners will be available so we can "wand" legislators so as to stay clear of those who seem a bit out of sorts.

It is interesting that such bills are only introduced by men. Female legislators must be more confident when dealing with constituents and are not as prone to being abrasive.

Not sure why the law is needed as I've heard that some legislators already "conceal carry." Perhaps reporters could look into that.

I hope Gov. Bullock will VETO these bills or institute cautionary measures such as recommended above.

John Ilgenfritz



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