Cowardly. That's how I describe Greg Harden's letter to the editor.

Upon reading Mr. Harden's letter, complete with rants against liberals in the media and academia, does anyone honestly believe he is someone who "always voted for the individual regardless of their party"? Somehow I doubt it.

Recall the story of Brian O'Leary in 2014: the unusually aggressive political "tracker" who shadowed Amanda Curtis's every move with a video camera in hand, even up until she reached the entrance of a restroom. Would Mr. Harden have condoned assault and battery committed against Mr. O'Leary? Would he have been more inclined to vote for Curtis if she or her campaign staff behaved as Greg Gianforte did? Somehow I doubt it.

The message of Mr. Harden's letter was obvious: violence is acceptable if it is committed against someone he disagrees with politically. Unfortunately, he chose to dawn the cheap tuxedo of a self-appointed impartial voter. At least have the courage to be forthright when you pen an inflammatory letter. But somehow I doubt Mr. Harden will do so in the future.

JT Stepleton



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