Does the will of the people continue to have any meaning in Montana?

Not if the politicians have anything to do with it. Never before has a voter passed initiative been overturned by the Legislature.

If the voters approve IR 124, the bill repealing Medical Cannabis, it may be the first time, but make no mistake, not be the last.

Folks like Larry Jent and Mike Milburn, who have no problem telling you how you cannot think for yourself, gleefully admit SB 423 was in fact a repeal of the 60+ percent voter-approved medical cannabis law.

And the Safe Community Safe Kids folks are permanently apoplectic about their perceived fantasy of rampant teen use because of the passage of this initiative.

Facts tell a different story: A new study from the University of Montana, which is based partly on information from the Centers for Disease Control that arrived at a similar conclusion found no correlation between legalization of medical marijuana and increased usage among teens.

In fact, some states saw a slight drop in teen usage. According to a member of the research team, “We are confident that marijuana use by teenagers does not increase when a state legalizes medical marijuana,” said study researcher D. Mark Anderson, assistant professor of health economics and risky behavior at Montana State University.

Voter initiatives sometimes need course corrections, which is what reasonable legislative discourse is for, and that will happen with medical cannabis in Montana, given a chance in the upcoming legislative session. Vote no on IR 124! Say no to the Black Market!

John McKee

Columbia Falls

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I agree with Mr. McKee.,


You pot heads just don't get it. If thousands of people weren't abusing the previous MM law then none of this would have happened. When the vast majority of card holders are 18-25 year olds suffering from "chronic pain" and the “care givers” are selling to non-card holders and in bulk to non-care givers you have a problem. Something needed to be done to put a stop to it and that’s what happened.


I think we "potheads" (name calling is a very classy and effective way to start a post, it really hammers home your message) understand the reality of the situation far better than you think. And there were most certainly abuses, which is why so much time, energy, and money was spent by the industry itself to formulate workable regulations for the original law. All of which were ignored by the legislature in favor of eliminating the law entirely.

Let's examine the content of your post a little closer. First off the vast majority of cardholders were not 18-25, that's simply a lie. The reality is far less than half fell into that category. As for your characterization of chronic pain as a the reason for most cards I guess I don't understand your issue here. Given pain is entirely subjective and opiate prescriptions would indicate it seems to be an incredibly prevalent problem I would say chronic pain is a legitimate issue. As far as caregivers selling to non cardholders I would certainly agree it shouldn't happen, and that's what law enforcement is for. Regulations help to prevent the abuses you mention, so why not help to get them enacted instead of advocating for the black market? Something did need to be done I would agree with you on that one, SB 423 wasn't it though.

Learn something about the topic at hand and the people involved before tossing around insults, otherwise you simply sound angry and mean. Take care.


"This happened" because Big Pharma and law enforcement wanted it to happen.


Well said jgrdh. I am all for medical pot but not like this. The only way I will ever vote for it again is if there is a clear plan with rigid enforcement.


Guess what? The "pot heads" are still smoking. The only ones who lost access to this medicine were the people this law was supposed to help. Making something illegal doesn't make it unavailable to those determined to have it. But the grandmothers on chemotherapy can't go buy their tea now.


The age group you refer to made up 1% (see State records.)
I am 61.....the age group from 41 and older, make up 64% of the MM licenses that were recorded...... before SB423.......At what age do your concerns turn from kindly 3rd party Gestapo tactics to impose the will of a car lot owner...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MM stopped my cancer in its tracks......have you Google'd the Medical values of Marijauna????.....Have you heard that Bayer now has the patent on their "SATIVEX" spray in 11 Country's in Europe so far..........Educate yourself...and return with your enlightened opinion.........or go away.......Please!


Not sure why the IR insists on not posting my comments, but I guess I will just repost the point. Dope is absolutely NOT some miracle drug that cures cancer in any way, shape or form. It might alleviate some pain and improve appetite, but that's it. So, go smoke another bowl and munch through that bag of Cheetos.


They don't post your comments because they are full of insults, lies, and childish jokes. I'm amazed at the posts from you that do get through. What I'm less amazed at is your failure to address any of my previous comments. How about constructive dialogue for a change rather than the standard attack lines from the 1930's?

Cure cancer, likely not. But the science is out there for anyone to read on how cannabis has proven time and time again to kill cancer cells in a variety of scenarios, that certainly indicates possibilities. The notion of miracles is for low functioning individuals if you ask me (and I'm well aware nobody did), but to simply deny the variety of uses and assign the term "doper" to anyone who recognizes the properties of cannabis is absurd.

To understand the issue your commenting on here you have to pull information from sources beyond the stoners you knew in high school or the movie Half Baked. It's vastly more complicated than most people will ever realize. I hope you take the time to learn a little more about this topic, I'd be glad to help. Take care.

Vote no on IR-124!


I would like to add a short but important addendum to the letter kindly published by the Independent. In case any missed it, the State's top law enforcement officer, which of course is Attorney General Steve Bullock firmly stated in a recent debate with Rick Hill, that he OPPOSES SB 423 and will VOTE AGAINST IR 124. Again, this is the respected top law enforcement official in the state saying that reform is preferable to repeal. Please keep this important view in mind


Free pot is the answer.


This needed to be stopped and start over at square one.

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