When any political candidate, Republican or Democrat, claims the environment can survive infinite economic growth on a finite planet, voters have the responsibility to ask, how is this possible?

The typical Republican candidate will attempt to avoid this question then drift into vague diatribe about getting rid of government regulations, high taxes and letting the invisible hand of the free-market work its magic. The truth is we’ve tried this scheme, and it has not been good for planet Earth.

The only energy plan this writer has reviewed that makes any sense with regard to reducing harmful carbon emissions is the technology claiming to convert dirty coal into “clean coal.”

The scientists pushing carbon capture (sequestered) storage and coal to transportation fuel tell the public their supercritical coal technology will rescue our economy while achieving near-zero greenhouse gas emission.

Sounds great to me! We won’t have to ship Montana coal to China or overdrill for oil on sensitive lands and waters. What’s not to like about clean diesel, jobs and reduced emissions?

So get with it. Invest $10 billion in this new technology. Ten billion is chump change when we consider how much we have spent with the borrowed money and blood protecting Wall Street interests in Iraq and Talibania.

Voters should demand President Obama and candidate Romney detail their plans for reversing global climate change. It is human induced and the science is settled. Today, Republicans are treading water on that large North African river (de Nile), and Democrats are avoiding the issue for fear of reprisal.

That disingenuous maxim about how “we are leaving the world a better place than we found it” is nothing but political hubris. It is convenient rhetoric, but it is a lie.

Wendell Berry, poet and social critic, best describes the state of the world when he writes: “There are no unsacred places. There are only sacred places and desecrated places.”

Stop Montana from becoming a desecrated place. Work for renewable and sustainable energy.

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