We have viewed numerous TV commercials, and read editorials and letters to the editor labeling Greg Gianforte “an outsider” and an “East Coast millionaire.” As “Real Montanans” who were born and raised in Montana, we would like to address our version of what constitutes a “Real Montanan.” Our definition of a “Real Montanan” includes someone who loves Montana and the people in it. It is someone who history has proven generously shares his resources with others without consideration of their political party, religion, or culture. (Yes, even Democrats!) It is someone who uses his time, energy and money to start programs in schools to help our children earn a good living and be successful in life. It is important for voters to know that the Gianforte Foundation has funded many and diverse projects around the state that help Montanans. Our family has personally benefited from Greg’s generosity. When our son was struggling to start a new software company Greg rolled up his sleeves and spent many hours helping him through the complex process of starting a new company. So despite the fact that Greg is an "outsider" and even worse a "millionaire" we are supporting Greg for Congress.

Anita and Norman Nybo



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