I applaud the executive committee of the Helena Public School Board for sending the proposed health curriculum back to the drafting committee for revision and review. This is a wise choice. The human sexuality portion of the draft document presented an unprincipled view of sexuality, which unnecessarily placed the school district in conflict with the responsibly aware parents and citizens of our community.

I encourage the draft committee to present an age-appropriate human sexuality curriculum that truly promotes abstinence, honors marriage and family and respects the Christian faith.

Mark Seitz, pastor

Helena Nazarene Church

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Yeah Mark, that's great, unless of course you are not a white, heterosexual, Christian and don't understand the fact that abstinence only education doesn't work.

And people are trying to say that homosexuals are the ones forcing their lifestyle on everyone? Give me a break.


How about a curriculum that honors respect of others, respect, knowledge, and power over one's body, and isn't a response to ridiculous fear mongering and a particular belief system. Your particular church doesn't have exclusive rights to morality. Just thought you should know.


Oh please lewistownian, that door swings both ways. In fact, if I were to raise the race/sexuality card if I felt someone bigotted me, discriminated against me and so on, my accusation wouldn't be entertained BECAUSE I'm a white heterosexual. That my friend is what I call TRUE discrimination. And if you honestly think minority groups don't discriminate, you're somewhere between the twilight zone and fantasy land. But if I were in a minority, I'm sure I could pull out the race/sexuality card and sue someone for something.

And ryandelasiesta, speaking for myself and probably some others out their, our moral views are on the issue have squat to do with church or religion. I can't even remember the last time I was in a church, think it was for my godchilds baptism 16 years ago. But I, like others DO NOT think the age is appropriate NOR do I believe teaching sex education before age 12 is going to do squat either. In times past BEFORE progressive sex education, we had LESS sexually transmitted diseases and in fact less of them, and less teenage pregnancies. Gee imagine that. As many have pointed out, sex education has been taught for the last 25 years (a little before my time). Hasn't done squat so now ya all want to LOWER the age for the education?

The only reason I can think of (more in my previous generation) there wasn't this "huge" problem is probably because sex before marriage; at the very least pregnancy before marriage was looked down on. But now that we're in the society where practically EVERYTHING is tolerated.

Montana, Helena in particular might be old school. It may be archaic with outdated "morals". For me, thats part of the charm. For you all that have such a problem with our backward ways, plenty of other cities, states and countries to live in.


Yeah dietz, us white guys are discriminated against, almost to the point of the Inquisition. Let me get this straight, according to you it's only TRUE discrimination if it's against a white heterosexual? Glad you spoke out on the subject.


Oh give us a break dietz1963. " BEFORE progressive sex education, we had LESS sexually transmitted diseases and in fact less of them, and less teenage pregnancies." We also had less medical care, less reporting, and more teenage girls being denied their right to an education for fear their pregnancy would hurt the morals of the kids around them. There is NO denying that sex education is necessary when so many people want to put their heads in the sand! This curriculum may be over the top (who wants their fifth grader learning about anal sex?!?) but it is with the times. Elementary aged kids are using the ugly words already, maybe if we educated them on WHY its hurtful to call names we would end up with a little less violence too.


Your point PantherMom? So we go with the times regardless, is that your point? Parents are no longer capable of teaching their kids so lets fix that by putting it all on school teachers, better said, society? Since I've been back, I hear parent get the kids to school somewhat early so they can have breakfast at the school. Wow. Kinda makes us obsolete as parents, don't you think? Yea, go with the flow, GREAT.

Elementary kids have been using ugly words forever. And they've known, even back in my time, they are hurtful. They know this because kids cry with hurtful words. I didn't have all this "so called" knowledge but I damn sure was smart enough to know the basics. So here we are, years later and for all our progressive knowledge we have now, it still goes on. Its not rocket science. But hey, I guess we have been getting progressively stupid, so stupid we don't know or understand we have to cut up hotdogs in such a way, and place our young in a chair in such a way that they will choke? (warnings on hotdog packages now)

The advantage I seem to have, I spent a lot of time overseas. I remember Helena through different eyes, didn't get to live through the slow changes. I came back to see more violence among the youth, more gangs, more laws...yea, that progressive knowledge has done WHAT exactly?

The more we "pass the buck" on someone else to fix the problem, the less power as private citizens we have.

I forgot who said it, but I think its been said "don't take down the fence before you know why it was built".


Pastor Seitz, you characterize the proposed curriculum as having an "unprincipled" view of human sexuality. How so? You don't give any details. What "principles" do you desire in it, those that accord to the "morality" of your particular church, and none other?

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