Over the last few days, news has broken again and again young people who, after being the victims of bullying on the grounds of their status as members of the LGBT community or their perceived orientation, cut short their own brief lives because they felt they had nowhere to turn. Each life thus lost is a senseless tragedy, not only for their families, but for our nation as a whole.

All students deserve the opportunity to attend schools and learn in a safe, welcoming and secure environment. Those vocal critics of the proposed health curriculum yelling about the “gay agenda” owe it to their children and the children of this nation to consider whether it is truly just to deny equal, factual representation in this health curriculum to all students, LGBT or not, who might become victims of this sort of harassment, so they too do not make the fatal, misguided assumption that it does not get better, and that there is no way out. Because we all owe them so much more than that.

It is time for a change, for a shift from polemics to mutual concern and support for the children who go to schools everywhere.

Maria Nelson


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