Hats off to the children of Helena’s Central Elementary School, who raised nearly $1,400 to help the people of Haiti.

During the month of January, students put their loose change in jars located in each of the classrooms. This garnered $1,169.42. Then, on the last Friday of the month, an additional $213 was raised during Central’s “Helena Hats for Haiti” day. Any student who brought in at least $1 that day could wear a hat.

The $1,382.42 raised by Central students will be given to the Red Cross.

Special thanks go to four students — Audrey Barber, Aine Lawlor, Jessie Ecklund, Gretta Wellenstein and Bridget Downey — who spent a Sunday afternoon making the posters that were put up all around the school to raise awareness of the fundraiser.

Central students, we are proud of you!

Denise Barber


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Does anyone happen to know, how much has been raised for the needy kids and adults in our area?


GAC: I don't know. How much have you raised?

Seriously, anonymous snarkiness aimed at elementary school children raising money for earthquake victims?


Hey, all I am saying, is we have needy people here too, but they seem to go on the hold when a tragedy arises. And yes, I did donate. Both in personal funds, and in taxes.
How much have you raised blooze.........yea, that's what I thought.


So you donated to Haiti relief. Good for you. So why pick on kids raising money to do the same?

I donated to Haiti relief, too. I'd wager neither of us donated as much as these kids.

This donation you made to Haiti. What? It kept you from making your United Way pledge, or something?


Uhhhhhh..........where did I pick on the kids? KNEE JERK!
Just so you know blooze, my wife and I started a tradition up in Kalispel that is still used today, long after we moved.
Poor kids get presents and a party every year thanks to my idea, yes MY IDEA, to give to the less fortunate.
No offense to the Haitians, but I would rather see our efforts here as prominant as foreign country's. It is sad to see Americans donating billions of dollars to anyone out of the country, whilst our own people suffer. Not right in my view.


Good grief guys - did the kids really raise any money? I'd bet that loose change came from their parents initially.

GAC has a valid point in that we have thousands right here in this country who need help. Where are the fund raisers for these people? The telethons? And these people need help all year long.

Oh yea...give to the United Way. That makes it all better doesn't it...


GAC: Of course you're picking on the kids. Otherwise why make the comment?

Boy, the local concert for Haiti raised a bunch of money and I saw where local kids raised another $5K by getting "sponsorships" to wear hats at school. You must be grinding your teeth.

And I imagine that the tradition you started is still going on despite whatever money people in Kalispell may have given to Haiti.

It's not a zero sum game. People respond to catastrophes and they make donations in their community. (UW doesn't "solve everything" HM, but it does a lot of good.) Kids see other kids in dire circumstances and they want to help. Compassion -- it's not a bad thing to let them express.

No, HM, they had a dance marathon. They're elementary school kids. How would you expect them to raise money?
I'm sure you're contacting all your elected representatives, demanding higher taxes for CHIP and universal health care.

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