The Helena School Board is to be commended for offering (or at least considering) Helena’s students a realistic and honest curriculum, taught by professional educators. I would much prefer that my children learn about emotional health, responsible decision-making and sexuality from me, my wife and in the classroom, rather than learning a distorted version of such matters through social dialogue, peer pressure, the Internet and media.

We’ve all seen examples of what happens to teens and adults who are raised with ignorance, shame and intolerance. We have the power to avoid this. I’m proud to call Helena my home, and healthy, informed and empowered students are a tangible reflection of a vibrant, engaged community.

I have a son who will be entering second grade in the fall, and a daughter who will start school in two years. My hope is that you will support and vote for the proposed health education curriculum. It would be comforting to know that my children will be raised in a caring community that is open, honest and dedicated to preparing our kids to respect and understand their bodies, avoid the pitfalls of STDs and teen pregnancy, and seek loving relationships in adulthood.

Luke Duran

East Helena

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