On Day 8 of the Montana Legislature, partisan politics resulted in drastic cuts to human services, education and state infrastructure. Over $30 million in health and human services, over $70 million in education funding — all gone with little public input, little consideration of lost federal funding, little consideration of the real human cost to Montana communities and families. Cuts to Medicaid alone could impact almost 3,000 jobs across Montana — nurses, doctors and other service providers. Cuts to preventative healthcare, such as family planning, foster care services, disability services, and prescription drug coverage for seniors, will result in higher costs in other programs.

With so many legislators brand-new to this process, why would they enact cuts before even understanding the programs at stake, the cost of human lives, and the effect on Montana’s economy? At a time when revenue is increasing, our economy is recovering, and our state has substantial “cash in the bank,” these drastic cuts make no sense. Legislators are entrusted with making critical decisions that affect our families, our communities and our collective future. The cuts are not only unnecessary, but expensive. Making a political point to the detriment of our children, our seniors, and our disabled citizens is unconscionable.

Stacey Anderson

Planned Parenthood of Montana, Helena

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Please cut all funding to Planned Parenthood.

And then reduce your salaries as well to show that you're not hypocrites!!!


How about because we are nearly broke and can't go into debt like the federal government.

More victimology.


Oh, for crying out loud, Democrats need to calm down! The Republicans didn't "cut" anything yet. They've merely PROPOSED a balanced budget as a starting point, one that doesn't take money from other programs, and is based on their own revenue projections. It'll be the end of the session before any permanent changes are made, and if revenue estimates increase between now and then, they can always add to what they started with. I'd prefer to start with a "worst case scenario" and end up being happy with additions made at the end. I think it'd be much worse to start with a high revenue projection and money taken from other programs and then have to cut things at the end!


The ultimate goal of democrats to destroy the economy of this state and of the entire country. All one has to do is review their economic policy and it is as plain as the noses on their faces.


Cuts in healthcare problems will result in higher costs to other programs? If costs are transferred to other programs, where are the actual cuts? Does that mean that taxpayers should continue to pay for abortions or else single mothers will be enrolled in welfare programs for the rest of their life? Why not make abortions mandatory and tranfer money to sex education classes? But then again, why not cut funding for sex education classes, they're obviously not working either? It's past time to instill some sense of responsibility into government funded programs. Taxpayers are being taxed to the limit. The reality is that we can no longer afford the exhorbitant costs of these programs.


I find it ironic that this complaint comes from a woman that works for an organization that takes in billions of dollars a year. A large portion of which comes from taking the lives of unborn children. And it should be noted that should a woman choose life, Planned Parenthood does not refund her the deposit made for her abortion. How's that for choice?


Well, since we do not have the money to pay for everything evrybody wants...what is your list of cuts to make?


maybe if planned parenthood hadn't killed so many babies over the last 40 years, there would be more tax payers around to fund those programs that might get cut.

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