In reference to Emily Harris’ April 9 article titled “Make the right choice on energy” — these kids ROCK! It is in them that I place my trust to protect and steward this land. They will find solutions to everything from reclaiming the damage that’s already been done to showing big business how they can do it clean and still make money.

And, they will show us how to localize it — from energy production to food, building materials to transportation. We won’t need to discuss extracting dirty coal, mega-power lines and transportation issues, because they will show us how we can produce and use our own clean energy, right here in Montana, right here is Helena, right here in our own neighborhoods. They will show us how to go from living as resource-sucking, selfish individuals to living in healthy communities that give back more than they take.

Kids, thanks for speaking out on issues as important as the recent Land Board vote. We need your voices heard!

Amy Glasscock


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