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This is not rated PG

2010-07-20T00:00:00Z This is not rated PGBy Christina Tielking - Letter to the Editor Helena Independent Record

The new curriculum entitled “aspects of human sexuality in our society” is most definitely not age appropriate. When my daughter’s second-grade teacher wished to show a PG-rated movie, we had to sign a consent form since it was over a G rating.

I challenge anyone to find a G, PG or even a PG-13 rated movie for grade-school children (ages 5-12) that has the topics of oral and anal sex or other sexual acts by either same or opposite gender couples including vaginal penetration by tongue, fingers or other objects. This is X-rated material! Pornography definitely has no place in our children’s classrooms! I urge all of Helena to please not let Montana become the first to travel down this horribly immoral and corruptive road with our innocent children at the wheel.

Christina Tielking


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    JUSTDAFACTS - July 22, 2010 6:26 pm
    So many ridiculous statements. I particularly like:
    Lucy12 said: "I find that the folks who don't agree with it haven't actually read the curriculum and are letting their decisions be made by the talking heads at Fox News. "

    Really? And just when was our curriculum on FOX NEWS? Come on--you want to talk crud...back it up. And by the way, I HAVE READ THE WHOLE DOCUMENT and there are still parts I wish to see changed. I am interested in how you found who has and who has not read it. Does a little light flash next to the blog entries of people who have not read it? Are you spying on people?

    Maybe they should teach our children’s parents that calling people liar, homophobe, religious zealot and many others used in these blogs lately is WRONG. Just as wrong as calling someone a faggot. ESPECIALLY when it is simply for not agreeing with you. I guess that is the best example I have seen showing so many parents are incapable of teaching their own children anything. How can they? –they clearly don’t understand right and wrong let alone tolerance of others.

    Might I point out that those who have not read the document and are against it are EXACTLY as (place you favorite derogatory adjective here) as those for it who have not read it.

    On one side there seems to many who think teaching a child the name of a body part is paramount to showing Marilyn Chambers movies in class. On the other side there seems to many who think showing those movies to 6 year olds will somehow stop underage sex and child abuse. Common sense is seldom at either extreme. These blogs however, are almost always extreme.

    Dolphind3...great post.
  2. HelenaDad
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    HelenaDad - July 22, 2010 11:18 am
    TheWalrus said: "By that definition, this letter is X-Rated, and not fit for publication in a family newspaper. "

    Funny, the author of the letter quoted the exact words that are used in the curriculum that is to be taught to 5th graders. So by saying this you must agree that the school would be teaching X-rated material to children. My question to you is what would happen if someone off the street started talking with your child about these same subjects and going into the same detail about sexual acts that the proposed curriculum would have. The words sexual offender spring into my mind, but I guess hiding behind a very liberal agenda would make that ok.
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    GDIZLV - July 21, 2010 9:28 pm
    The problem with the curriculum is that it is too graphic. This person is right on as to where part of the problem lies. Somehow in order to help my child protect herself (which is the parent’s job by the way, not the child’s), the school will be teaching her the anatomically correct body parts by age five? My three year old is already being taught, by ME, that it’s inappropriate for anyone to touch her body where swimsuit covers her. No need for explicit details. By 5th grade they learn to understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration. And let’s not forget the best part, which is: Sixth through Twelfth Grade: (information will be re-introduced each successive school year through graduation) Understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration; using the penis, fingers, tongue or objects.
    *The words in italics are what information will be added from the grade 5 curriculum to the sixth grade curriculum.
    How is this useful? And by the way, it is NOT natural to insert objects into every orifice of our bodies. We’re missing the real issue here - prosecution of parents who let their children be sexually exploited by themselves/others.

    I also have to say if 12 year olds and 48% of all our high school children are having sex, there’s something wrong. Counseling needs to take place with the child/family. Again we’re missing the real issue here: where are the parents of these sexually active children? Why do they have all this free time to mess around? How do the younger children know anything about these topics in order to have questions? They’ve either seen, read, or experienced too much. Don’t side step the issue and throw graphic information/condoms at them. Hold the parents responsible for their actions. Do not pollute my child's mind with all of this because other parents don't step up to the plate and do what needs to be done. If there are kids out there with these questions, fine, let them ask the school nurse or whomever. It does NOT need to be an open discussion that the entire classroom participates in. Hear is an idea; why not ask the 52% who are not having sex, why? Find out what their families teach, why it works, pass it on. Don’t take the easy way out.
  4. dolphind3
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    dolphind3 - July 20, 2010 3:16 pm
    I agree that this is not pornography. Gun; it has been pointed out to you many times in other post by many people exactly what you are still claiming you don't see. You certainly have a special way of seeing things. Why would you need to have your kids in these classes if that is what you teach them anyway? Now you are talking down about how much people weigh. You are far too judgmental. People listen to me. When you name call you lose all credibility(mainly curmudgeon and gun), you say people are uneducated but I have news for you. Name calling is for the uneducated or at the very least for people who have no position in a discussion and that is what this is. It is not supposed to be an arguement although some of you do a good job of trying to turn it into one. I had a nice chat this morning with my son and we were both very comfortable with it, we even talked about what the schools were thinking of doing and he said that would suck, he wouldn't want to talk to his teachers about that stuff. I asked him if him and his friends talk about sex and he said they mainly talk about sports. He is 12. They are starting to discover girls and it is a great time for parents to start discussing somethings with them.
    He asked me some pretty good questions and I was impressed by his courage. All in all it went well and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would never want a stranger having this talk with my kids. Let the teachers work on the math and english and stuff and let the parents handle the family values.
  5. Curmudgeon
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    Curmudgeon - July 20, 2010 11:41 am
    There is a world of difference between the "horrors" mentioned in the letter in a Hollywood product produced for entertainment "value", and the calm, realistic and respectful atmosphere of a school classroom. And re Purple's comment: nice choice of buzz-word, Purple, "indoctrinated" --- sure to get the intellectually-challenged Bubbas all riled up.
  6. MT2010
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    MT2010 - July 20, 2010 11:32 am
    Most of these children have already heard these words before. By age 12 they are already having sex. Open up your eyes people. There is a lack of parenting or talking to our children about sex is needed somewhere. Frankly I would rather have the school teaching them if the parents are not going to rather than learning from there friends etc... We are very open with our kids. I talk to them in detail about things, and they are very open with us and have always felt like they could come to us with any question. There should not be anything odd about this curriculum. This is all perfectly natural stuff. Why should we hide what the real names are for these acts and things? That only makes the child wonder. Are you embarassed or something?
  7. TheWalrus
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    TheWalrus - July 20, 2010 11:04 am
    By that definition, this letter is X-Rated, and not fit for publication in a family newspaper.
  8. TheWalrus
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    TheWalrus - July 20, 2010 11:01 am
    I know pornography when I see it, and that's not porn. It's not intended to titilate or arouse anyone. It is not for prurient purposes. Something tells me the woman who wrote this letter showers in the dark, lest her own body offend her.
  9. Lucy12
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    Lucy12 - July 20, 2010 10:44 am
    Wow...if you haven't already taught your children about sex-ed by the time they turn 12, I would expect you're excited to be an early grandparent.

    This curriculum would teach kids it is moral and right to treat people as equals and not different. My family values are in line with what this curriculum is teaching and I find that the folks who don't agree with it haven't actually read the curriculum and are letting their decisions be made by the talking heads at Fox News.

    That is a sad commentary on what it means to be a parent to me. You can use this use the school curriculum to augment the work you do at home parenting.
  10. Purple
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    Purple - July 20, 2010 10:12 am
    How about this,

    parents who do not want their children indoctrinated in the plan be allowed to opt out with the school refunding a portion of what it cost to educate their children to those parents?

  11. Independent
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    Independent - July 20, 2010 9:15 am
    Well said.
  12. gun961960
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    gun961960 - July 20, 2010 8:12 am
    Maybe Christina or some other mis informed person against this curriculum could please point out where in the second grade proposed curriculum the words anal, oral, penetration with fingers, tongue, or other objects are mentioned?
    Thats what I is an idea for the board. Offer the proposed curriculum as an elective class, one that we parents can opt our kids into the class. You could also offer the class to the parents, because clearly by reading some of these blogs it is apparent that several of them need this class as bad as their children do.
    When I was at the meeting standing outside, there was a group of about 8-9 women standing right in the middle front of the crowd. At least 5 of them were weighing in at or around 300 lbs, standing up there with their VOTE NO signs as the nutrition professional was speaking about the obeisity problem we are facing in MT (62%). This is also the group where a shout out came from when a young gay man was speaking about how it made him feel to be called a faggot (the shout out was "well you are").
    This letter is completely mis leading, just like most of the argument against this curriculum is. I guess so long as you can derail this curriculum, I don't suppose most of you really care if your lying or not. The scary thing is I am not sure if some/most of you even realize your telling these lies, or are you just a victim of complete and utter ignorance??
  13. ralphy
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    ralphy - July 20, 2010 6:59 am
    part of the problem is that there are students in grades K-2 that both know about and discuss these subjects. by 5th grade every student in a public school setting and many in even Christian schools are assaulted with a hole litany of words, ideas, pictures, comments, and sexual activity that might shock many people. the myth is that education in a public setting is the best and proper format to deal with these issues. The truth is that what the school district should offer is a primer for parents so they are aware of what is going on and so they can have an honest discussion with their own children.
  14. caribouboy
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    caribouboy - July 20, 2010 6:51 am
    Good letter. You are 100% correct. The gall exhibited by the social elites, who believe their job is to raise our children as opposed to teaching them the 3 R's, is staggering.

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