The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest responded to two small wildfires Wednesday evening.

Lightning reportedly ignited both fires in the Hunter's Gulch area, about 19 miles northeast of Helena.

Hunters Gulch fire No. 1 is about one acre in size and Hunters Gulch fire No. 2 is about 1/4 acre. Both fires are located in the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness Area and are burning in grass and brush. Fire No. 2 is on a very steep slope, according to the Forest Service.   

"Today’s weather forecast is for hot temperatures and some wind conditions that could reach the fires; however, a cool front is forecasted for tomorrow bringing cooler temperatures and predicted heavy precipitation," the Forest Service says in a news release Thursday. 

"We want to minimize exposure to firefighters due to the steep and rocky terrain and multiple snags in and around the area, so our strategy today will be to have firefighters monitor fire activity and behavior from a safe location. This strategy will be revisited throughout the day, and we will make changes if/when necessary, based on fire activity," the news release says.

Hunters Gulch Trail 255 is closed due to the fires and the fire personnel within the area. Smoke was visible Thursday morning.


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