Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made a TV ad endorsing Montana U.S. Senate candidate Denny Rehberg, saying Rehberg will help “get our fiscal house in order.”

“The stakes are high, Montana,” Romney says in the ad, which is produced and financed by Rehberg’s campaign and began running statewide Monday. “I urge you to send Denny to the Senate, and we’ll get America back on track.”

Rehberg, Montana’s congressman, is challenging U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., in the state’s most-watched race and one of the top U.S. Senate contests in the nation. Libertarian Dan Cox, of Hamilton, also is in the race.

In the Rehberg-Romney ad, the GOP presidential nominee says the nation’s debt is “soaring” and that “we’ve lost thousands of jobs, yet Senate Democrats want higher taxes, more spending.”

Tester released his own new TV ad on Tuesday, featuring Tester and other Montanans who have appeared in earlier ads – overlaid with excerpts from major newspaper editorials in the state endorsing him over Rehberg.

“Everywhere I go in Montana, I hear from people who are working hard to get by,” Tester says into the camera. “Making responsible decisions has never been more important. It’s easy to remember what’s worth fighting for.”

The ad shows shots of an injured Iraq war veteran helped by Tester.

Recent polls have shown the race to be a virtual dead heat, with either candidate having a lead of a few percentage points, at most.

Rehberg’s campaign has sought to tie Tester with President Barack Obama, saying Tester supports the president on most major issues. Obama has not appeared in any of Tester’s campaign ads – but he has appeared in many ads attacking Tester.

Tester has sought to portray himself as an independent voice who looks for solutions to problems, and who can work with both parties.

Rehberg also has played up his independent credentials, noting when he has gone against Republican party leadership and former President George W. Bush on some key votes.

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Rehberg has voted FOR every spending increase, tax cut, war, and un-needed program that came in front of him over his twelve years in office.

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