After the deadly school shooting in Connecticut on Friday, the Helena School District is providing teachers with resources to counsel students who may be suffering from anxiety sparked by the tragedy.

“We call each building and we ensure that all staff are educated about the situation,” Kent Kultgen said.

From there, teachers and staff are encouraged to interact with students and parents who may have questions or concerns relating to the event, he said.

Kultgen also said that after an event such as the shooting, the district always evaluates school security and safety protocols.

“We feel our security is adequate,” he said. “The big thing is just to make sure that our kids are taken care of.”

The district received a document from the national Safe Schools/Healthy Students Initiative with resources to help educators and parents talk to children about the recent shooting.

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“We feel our security is adequate,” <~ This is it from Helena?


I'm glad the District feels its security is adequate. But I would like more than a vague reassurance, thank you. I have children in the schools. I know I can walk right into several of the local schools and not ever pass the office or be challenged by staff or the SRO. OK, admittedly I look harmless. I have a big hypothetical blinking "MOM" sign hovering over my head that is visible to pretty much anyone. I think airport security is excessive and dislike the idea of metal detectors and armed security guards in the schools. But the schools are in fact wide open and a shooter could do a lot of damage before lockdown measures were even initiated. I don't know the solution, but I do know it's something more than what currently exists here.

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