Judy Trevor and Mary Grant are spending their retirement teaching goat raising.

Trevor and Grant, co-owners of J-M Goats, use goats to educate children about animals.

Students in the Promoting Enrichment Activities for Kids (PEAK) program are spending this week at a goat clinic at J-M Goats ranch near Lakeside.

"It gives the students a chance to interact with animals," Trevor said. "Goats are nice, gentle animals."

Sam Brewer, soon to be a sixth-grader at C.R. Anderson Middle School, said she really enjoyed being with the goats this week.

Brewer lives in town, but says she and her grandmother are thinking about getting a goat.

"They are really social animals," she said. "They are really, really sweet and not scary at all."

Grant said that children being with the goats is "a natural."

They originally got the goats for weed removal, but found the animals to be emjoyable to have around. So, now the small farm is available for students to visit and learn.

Landen Lamphier said it was the first time he had ever been around goats. He said he wanted to come to the clinic to get to know the animals.

Lamphier said he got to take the 3-year-old Alpine Cashmere goat, Bo, on a walk and brushed him.

Trevor said that all goats have different personalities, and Lamphier said that Bo is "kinda pushy."

On Thursday, the group will have a goat rodeo, in which they have the chance to demonstrate all they've learned. They will also have a turn riding the goats and get to see who stays on the longest.

PEAK is a program designed to provide enrichment activities for all interested elementary and middle school children in Helena -- grades 1-8. There are various summer programs taking place all summer long.

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