Helena IR - 09/04/02

Area legals.


Daniel R. Erving and Stefanie L. Drown

Kelly Virgil Horton and Patricia Lee Dess

David Thomas Shanight and Aimee Marie Grmoljez

Michael Paul Sangray and Molly Anne Petersen

David Scott Sorensen and Liza Lee Meredith

Stan Lee Morrison and Lynn Marie Buschnell

Kristian Arthur Gustafson and Renee Nancy-Rose D'Esterre

John CB Opitz and Sherrie Renee Reed

Tomas Williams Evans Jr. and Jessica Nadeane Anderson

Arthur Richard West Jr. and Mary Renee Thompson

Gabrial J. Personette and Amy Elizabeth Gammon

Eric F. Regensburger and Sherry Regensburger

Vaughn Charles Martin and Rebecca Lin Baraby

Brett Edward Penner and Julie Anne Hanson

Clint Alexander Pullman and Kimala Ann Dosier

Paul Nathan Reynolds and Amanda June Wibling

Craig John Marr and Letitia Marie Cady

Jeremiah James Theys and Amara Joy Warriner

Tracy Alan Hamilton and Jennifer Lynn Steilman

Chad Douglas Lenhardt and Kendra Lee Zins

Luke Michael Muszkiewicz and Virginia Therese Reeves

Terry Robert Derden and Nicole Renee Forristall

Francisco Ivan Morazan and Diana Pirlenis Cardenas

Kendall Jack Alles and Beth Ann Buck

Erick Sean Pritchard and Julie Ann Johnson

Dale Albert Livezey and Amy Sue Brakeman

Joshua Matthew Morrow and Alison Julie Linjanen

James Allan Shurtliff and Jennifer Melissa Black

Craig Edward Journey and Lynn Marie Roberts

Joseph Richard Menden and Jennifer Collin Kaleczyc

James Michael Carney and Joslyn Ann Roberts

William David Rewitz and Jessica Ann Bock

Jason Andrew Olenick and Kari Jane Perron

James Curtis Wilkins and Julie Anne Abramson

John Mark Schraan and Katrine Marie Strom

Isaac Grant Lowry and Danyelle Lee Moore

Jason Michael Savage and Amanda Louise Stover

John H. Poepping and Dana Margaret Wood

Chad Britton O'Shea and Christy Jo Steinmetz

Daniel Wray Shipman and Briona Willson

Dirk Dewitt Schmitz and Jami Christine Lamb

Jason Ryan Ascheman and Meghan Cristi Mandeville

Joshua Luke Schultz and Jackie Renee Betts

Howard Bryant Egan and Kathy Ann Persons


Ronald Dean and Barbara Jo Rush

Gregory Christopher and Tammy Lynn Stevens

Travis L. and Rebecca J. Engstrom

Jeffrey and Kelley Weyl

Aaron M. and Brenda K. Bright

Lawrence A. and Carol A. Gallagher

Lawrence D. Loomis II and Lutisha Elaine Loomis

Sean and Louise Dowdy

Michael L. and Neisha L. Gromann

Yuriy Vadimovich Yudin and Wendy Colleen Fox

Scott J. and Tricia A. Dvorak

David Bruce and Norma Lindseth

Timothy D. and Jennifer S. Ray

Ronald and Betty Daem

Jon and Shiloh Tielking

Thomas V. and Nanette M. Murphy

Thomas C. and Glenda M. Holmes

Thomas William and Shari Lee Huth

Kenneth Brian and Jayme Elizabeth Johnston


Anthony James Allen, 21, 5619 Kerr Drive.

Jari Lynn Magill, 31, 1411 Broadwater Circle. Second offense.

Alejandro Arturo Scholz, 27, Clancy.

Joshua Ryan Redden, 20, East Helena.

William Jay Lawson, 50, Spokane, Wash.

Daniel Arthur Phillips, 51, 1203 Hudson. Second offense.

Wade Kelly Paxson, 39, 1420 Waukesha.

Chelline Lee Black, 32, 27 1/2 Shiland. Second offense.

Alexandra Lynn Smietanka, 17, Clancy.

Mark Christopher Viera, 49, 900 Missoula.

James Wade Henderson, 40, Livingston.

Carl Edward Nettleton, 43, Butte.

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