The archery season for wolves north of Yellowstone National Park will come to an end one day earlier this week in Wolf Management Unit 313 after one wolf was harvested.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks noted that the wolf archery-only season will close a half-hour after sunset today in WMU 313, which includes portions of Park County. The wolf archery season was slated to end on Saturday, and the general wolf hunting season will start on Sunday.

The quota for WMU 313 is four wolves. Ken McDonald, FWP Wildlife Bureau chief, said the reason for closing the archery season a day early in that unit is so opportunities will remain for rifle hunters.

“It’s the same type of thing with mountain lions, where with the early season we don’t allow taking more than 20 percent of the quota during the early archery season,” McDonald said. “So with a quota of four, one is it to make sure the hunters can get a shot.”

Montana does not have a statewide hunting or trapping quota, but each wolf that’s harvested must be reported.

In certain sensitive areas, which generally are near Yellowstone and Glacier national parks, the Fish and Wildlife Commission has instituted a quota. That includes taking only two wolves in Wolf Management Unit 110 near Glacier National Park, the four wolves in WMU 313 and three wolves in WMU 316, which border Yellowstone National Park.

And while hunters and trappers can harvest up to five wolves this year, they’re limited to only one wolf per person in the three WMUs near the national parks. FWP also has urged hunters to avoid taking wolves with radio collars, since that could disrupt wolf research and management.

The general wolf hunting season is slated to end March 15, 2014. Wolf hunting licenses cost $19 for residents and $50 for nonresidents.

Montana’s wolf trapping season is set for Dec. 15 through Feb. 28, 2014. Wolf trappers must attend a mandatory wolf-trapping certification class, unless they’ve already successfully completed a wolf-trapping certification class in Montana or Idaho.

In Montana, officials estimate that at least 625 wolves, in 147 verified packs, and 37 breeding pairs inhabited the state at the end of 2012.

During Montana’s 2012/2013 wolf season, hunters harvested 128 wolves and trappers took 97 wolves for a total of 225. So far in 2013, 63 wolves have been removed for preying on livestock or pets, and another 18 died after either encountering vehicles, being shot illegally or for other reasons.

Reporter Eve Byron: 447-4076 or Follow Eve on Twitter @IR_EveByron.

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Man has been part of the eco-systems of North America for over 12000 years. The 10 Million Native Americans that lived here when whiteman arrived where not eating tofu and wearing polyester bonnets. They were living along the Yellowstone river eating Ungulates and killing predators.... Yellowstone is a predator pit and not natural in any way shape or form. Never in the history of man has there been a limit on the number of predators that could be killing IN or around Yellowstone! Disgusting people pimp wolves in order to get their donate now button press! Real wolf lovers understand the limitation of the wolf and the need for management.


Yes Reality 22, but pre modern hunters hunted out of necessity and not sport.
Todays hunters do so to prove some misguided machismo and "management" left to such goons previously has caused nihilism.
It's difficult to take your comment seriously as you clearly don't understand the knock-on effect of wiping out predators.


Your bigoted view of hunting is quite evident. Letting the butcher do your dirty work does not make you a more evolved person or one that has more morality. I enjoy the challenge of hunting, getting into the outdoors & most of all the satisfaction that I put my own (renewable resource) on the table. It is quite clear that wolves do not belong running rampant across the west & I applaud the fish and game for their efforts at returning it to Yellowstone. Eco-systems that exclude man are not natural & haven't been for 12000 years! Putting wolves on the other side of the fence from the rancher so that it costs an arm and leg to clean up after is absurd and questions one morality more so than hunting! 2300 Domestic animals have been maimed and killed (documented) in WI & MI since it's return to those states. The cruelty of those animals rest in your hands .... not the hunters! True wolf lovers understand the limitation of the wolf and need for management.... the rest typically are bigots that talk machismo and nihilism!


I'm still looking for the documented "2300" DOMESTIC ?? animals that have supposedly been killed by wolves. But, that's just the point...crying about domestically raised cattle that are being fattened on federal/public lands as if it's their God given right, are you kidding me or anyone else? Plus, you realize they are compensated with donated funds.
As for the wolves running rampant...never seen it and I spend time almost every year in Yellowstone looking and meeting up with those that have them radiocollared if I can. I've seen perhaps 3-4 wolves at a time at the most. And I'm talking 6-12 hours/day for a week in the Lamar Valley and beyond, in all seasons, and have been doing so for 12 years. I see hundreds of elk that hunters feel are endagered.
I hear a lot of "shoot,shovel and shut-up" talk in the bars/restaurants/gas stations from hunters bragging about illegal wolf kills. Is that what you are referring to as management? Hardly a moral behaviour by hunters. If my comments seem bigoted, it's because of the comments I hear when I'm out there, in person, face to face.
And yes, wolves and bison have previously been nihilated by man.
Having realized the horrors of our food providers through ranching, slaughter houses etc, I no longer let others do the dirty work, and took a surprisingly easy choice and stopped eating meat 10+ years ago.
Sorry to have offended your manhood (ahem) with the machismo comment, obviously struck a nerve.

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