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Join me in supporting Rob Farris-Olsen in the upcoming election for House District 81. Just like Rob, I chose several years ago to “come home” to Helena. I have been able to buy a house, become an owner in a small business, and live a quality family-focused life. Doing so was easy, because of people like Rob and his family, who have done the same and who want Helena, and all of Montana, to be great.

Keeping our community and our state as a place where people want to “come home” is vital to our current and future prosperity. Rob and his family work hard to keep Helena welcoming to young folks of all professions, and willing to consider new ideas to foster growth. On the Helena City Commission, Rob has experience in making tough political choices. He has pushed Helena to grow and adapt, so all of our children can look back and be proud of their home. Rob’s mix of governance experience and his fresh optimism will keep Montana the treasure it is, while finding smart solutions to its budgetary and gridlock problems. On your upcoming ballot, choose Rob Farris-Olsen for House District 81.

Mark Lancaster



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