Happiness means different things to each graduate of Lincoln High School.

For some, it is obtaining goals. For others, it is sleep. One of the graduates said happiness “comes from a rainbow filled with Skittles,” said senior advisor Greg Christiansen during his commencement speech Sunday.

Another student, who remains anonymous, pondered that happiness is different for everyone. An example of this is a serial killer is pleased by murder, the teen answered.

While the answers were varied and some bizarre, the 15 students have optimism and feel they will be happier after leaving high school. All of the students told Christiansen they believe life will be better after graduation.

A few of the students plan to enter the workforce and others will go on to college. At least one intends to travel for a while.

Valedictorian Loni Rae Brady said attending a small school did have some detriments, such as monotony, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We as the students of Lincoln School experienced something others haven’t,” she said.

Many of the teens have known each other since they were in diapers. Brady said she considers her classmates her second family.

For Christiansen, the ceremony was especially touching because he has been with the students since they were in the seventh grade.

“It’s always hard. When they are seventh graders, they are just kids. Now, they’re adults sitting there,” he said.

“We’ve philosophized. We’ve split wood. We’ve done a lot of stuff,” Christiansen added.

Salutatorian Ali Jordan Bard said she is leaving high school with some great memories. She admits she could have used a little more time hitting the books but says life experiences are just as important.

“When I am 90 years old, I won’t share stories of staying up late studying,” she said.

Reporter Angela Brandt: 447-4078, angela.brandt@helenair.com or Twitter.com/IR_AngelaBrandt

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Must not have been enough Tea partiers there to rain on the kids' parades?

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