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From building bots to investigating crime scenes, the Capital High School K-8 Science Camp has fun, hands-on science projects to keep kids fascinated with science over spring break.

Science Camp will run Monday through Wednesday, March 27-29, from 9 a.m. to noon at CHS, and is open to the first 60 registrants.

The cost is $15 per child, per day. Enrollment for each class is limited to the first 20 paid participants for that class.

Science Camp sessions include: Chemistry Crime Scene, Biology Buddies and Lego Robotics.

To register, go to http://chs.helenaschools.org/teachers/surban/ or call Science Club President Caleb Noble at 406-443-2765.

“We did a trial version of the camp back in January,” said Noble. “It went really well.”

For the Crime Scene session, kids will do fingerprinting, chromatography testing, and do ballistics studies looking at bullet striations, said Noble.

Robotics groups get to build their own bot and then have SumoBot competitions.

The website link also gives a brief description for each class and the array of activities planned for each day.

CHS students and staff are sponsoring the camp, but CHS students are responsible for the entire camp, including developing lesson plans, organizing volunteers and registration.

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