68 years unsolved

A chilling wave of crimes swept (through) over Los Angeles in the 1940s, ranging from theft to sex crimes and murder.

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The most famous was the murder of Elizabeth Short, known as the "Black Dahlia" for her raven hair and black clothing.

Short’s body was found mutilated in a vacant lot, nude and bisected at the diaphragm. She was carefully posed, with deep gashes on her face (resembling a ghoulish smile), along with other cuts and gashes.

At least nine other women were gruesomely violated and killed, most of them within six months of Short's murder.

One after the other, several men "confessed" to the crimes but no one was convicted.

Fresh theories have emerged as recently as 2014, when a retired police detective, Steve Hodel, came forward with a theory that pins the murders on his own father.