72 years unsolved

In one of the most famous crimes in the Bahamas, a wealthy gold-miner was butchered to death and his body set aflame in his home. The violent and unexplained death of Sir Harry Oakes is a mystery to this day.

Oakes' son-in-law, Alfred de Marginy, was charged with the murder, but after three months in prison was acquitted and promptly deported.

During the trial, a family feud surfaced between de Marginy and Oakes. The playboy and twice-divorced de Marginy had secretly married Oakes' 18-year-old daughter Nancy, and she was soon pregnant. A near fatal illness required two surgeries to terminate the pregnancy.

There was little evidence that de Marginy committed the gruesome crime and no one was convicted in the murder.

Oakes' son later died in an auto accident.