A 54-year-old Helena man is accused of threatening two women with a handgun.

Daniel Morse is being charged with two counts of assault with a weapon and one misdemeanor count of partner or family member assault.

On Feb. 28, deputies responded to a home in Lewis and Clark County where a victim said she had been assaulted by Morse and was barricaded with a second victim in a bedroom, according to court documents. She told deputies that Morse had said he was getting his handgun, according to court documents.

Deputies detained Morse when they arrived at the residence. He told them he had been drinking with the caller, and she was using trigger words to get him going, according to court documents.

Morse allegedly assaulted the caller by hitting her head on a kitchen cabinet during the altercation. When the woman left to make the call, Morse said that if deputies were coming, they needed to bring an arsenal, according to court documents.