Three men were cited Friday — one of them for the third time in about a week — after a report of aggressively trying to sell magazine subscriptions at a local residence without a license.

Helena Police Sgt. Jayson Zander said Sunday that at about 8:51 p.m. Friday, police responded to a report of pushy peddlers in the area of Helena Avenue and Logan Street.

The group of three men had tried to sell subscriptions twice to a woman at one home, according to a resident’s report to police.

“On the second time, they were very pushy and not willing to take no for an answer, which is what instigated her to call law enforcement,” Zander said.

The men were located nearby and were initially uncooperative but eventually admitted to trying to sell magazines, Zander said.

Cited for operating a business without a license were William Chopper, 21, of Poplar (his third such citation in about a week, Zander said), Raymond Deaner, 22, of Helena, and Timothy Lopez, 21, of Great Falls.

Lopez was also arrested on an unrelated misdemeanor warrant issued in Great Falls.

Zander said people concerned about aggressive door-to-door sales people should feel free to call law enforcement. A license is required for such commercial solicitations, and licenses may be revoked in the event of pushy behavior.

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It would be nice to know if in fact they had the authority to sell magazine subscriptions or were they just scamming people. If in fact they were selling magazines for a company that company should know what kind of sales pitches that are being made in their name, if they give a hoot that is.


Funny, we had someone come to our house and my husband told them to come back when I was home and told them a day and they never showed up. But, we live in the East Helena Valley. Glad they didn't come back now.


One came to my house and he wouldn't leave when asked. I showed him my gun and he still tried to sell me magazines. He only left when I pulled the hammer back. I hope he tells his friends not to come here again.

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