A transient man is accused of breaking into a storage facility.

Junior Pineda-Garcia, 38, is being charged with burglary, a felony.

A deputy was called early Wednesday morning to a report of storage doors opening in a suspicious manner, according to court documents.

Fresh tire tracks went into the complex of storage units. Unique shoe prints were on the snow and stopped in front of two units whose locks had been cut, according to court documents.

The deputy followed the tracks to Canyon Ferry Road. Another law enforcement officer found a man walking a mile down Spokane Ranch Road who identified himself as Pineda-Garcia, court documents state.

The law enforcement officer spoke with Pineda-Garcia, who told the officer he was with his girlfriend who had left him in the area and then said he was walking to town. But the officer noted he going south, away from town, according to court documents.

Pineda-Garcia was arrested when the deputy matched Pineda-Garcia’s shoe tread to the tracks left by the storage units, court documents state.


Reporter at the Helena Independent Record.

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