A would-be thief broke down crying while apparently seeking money from a pizza restaurant, and ended up getting some words of comfort from the cashier along with pizza, wings and soda.

Helena Police Chief Troy McGee said that at about midnight early Tuesday, a man with a black hooded sweatshirt and a red bandana covering his face entered Papa John’s on Prospect Avenue and gave the cashier a note demanding money.

The cashier started to comply, but then the intruder broke down crying, saying he needed to rob the store for his wife and child.

“The clerk talked to him for a while,” McGee said, and decided what the man really needed was some pizza, wings and soda — to go.

While the man was sitting waiting for the food, a large knife fell out of his pocket, McGee said.

The man took the food and drink and left the area on foot, going east on Prospect.

A manager at Papa John’s said Tuesday he couldn’t comment on the matter.

McGee said he’s not sure if the person, if located, will be charged with a crime, but police are concerned about the incident.

He is described as 5-foot-9, with slender build.

“We would like to locate the suspect,” McGee said. “We’d hate to have him do this again.”


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