A Helena woman is accused of keeping a juvenile from her legal custodian and not telling officers about the whereabouts of the girl, who was listed as missing or a runaway. 

Deanna Jomarie Moore, 43, is charged with custodial interference, a felony.

Earlier in December, Moore’s daughter was declared missing or a runaway after the child’s legal custodian called police to report her disappearance, according to court documents.

A deputy later went to Moore’s home to search for the missing juvenile. Moore allegedly told officers the girl had been there, but she did not call the sheriff's office because she did not believe the child was a runaway. 

The deputy searched part of the house, and Moore later said the child was in an un-searched bedroom, according to court documents.

The deputy entered the room and found the window open, along with fresh footprints in the snow outside.

Moore was charged because she “took, enticed or withheld from lawful custody any child … or other person entrusted by authority of law to the custody of another person or institution.”


Reporter at the Helena Independent Record.

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