A Helena man allegedly used a coffee mug to assault a partner or family member Saturday afternoon.

Reginald Brooks Hayes, 54, was charged with a fourth offense of partner or family member assault, purposely or knowingly causing bodily injury, which is a felony. 

Court documents say Hayes allegedly came home while intoxicated and began throwing food and knocking items off a table. He then hit the alleged victim with a coffee mug above the eye and grabbed the person's arm, causing bleeding, the documents note. 

A deputy later saw blood on the alleged victim's arm, and redness above the person's right eye, court documents say. 

Hayes told the deputy that the altercation was only a verbal one and would not cooperate with the officer, according to the court documents. The deputy noted a strong odor of alcohol on Hayes’ breath, slurred speech and bloodshot eyes, along with blood on Hayes’ shirt.

The deputy interviewed witnesses on the scene who agreed with the alleged victim's narrative, according to court documents. Hayes was then arrested.


Reporter at the Helena Independent Record.

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