A Helena man is accused of possessing meth and a stolen ATV.

Tyler Leonard Hardy, 30, is charged with theft and criminal possession of dangerous drugs connected to a Thanksgiving Day discovery of Hardy with both the ATV and methamphetamines near Highways 12 and 282.

Deputies found Hardy with an ATV that was possibly stolen and Hardy told officers he was waiting there for a friend so they could go hunting, according to court documents.

Deputies asked if they could search the VIN number on the ATV, which Hardy allowed, court documents state. The VIN number matched that of the stolen ATV deputies were looking for and the deputies also discovered that the trailer the ATV was on was described as stolen, according to court documents.

Deputies then detained Hardy, who said he had not stole the ATV or trailer and did not know they were stolen, according to court documents. The documents note deputies requested to search the vehicle, which Hardy granted, and found multiple syringes in the truck the trailer and ATV were hitched to, as well as a plastic baggie of white substance identified as meth in the ATV’s utility pouch.