This letter is designed for the purpose of warning our Montana children of the death, prison or mental hospitals they will meet by using meth.

The meth they make in Montana is garbage, made in minutes or hours with no concern as to the adverse effects on the users. All they care about is the money they make off of you and your body.

I meet many young people through the course of my daily life and the ones I talk to I can tell right away if they’re doing this garbage by how they act, talk, fidget and most of all by how messed up their teeth are.

I used to do crank in California from 1978-84, and haven’t done it since and never will again. I would like to talk to high school kids about the evils of drug and alcohol abuse, because I’ve been there, done that. I’ve been to prison in California and Montana, and I’ve been to two maximum-security state mental hospitals because of my meth and alcohol abuse.

Here in Montana, I’ve been out of prison for over two years (I was in prison in Montana for alcohol only) and I’m also off of parole. Anyone interested in me talking to kids about my experiences with drugs and alcohol can call me at (406) 422-5057.

Art Ecklund Jr., Helena

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