The Queen City News, the free Helena-based weekly paper featuring local news, opinion and entertainment listings, has stopped publication, and its publisher is not saying if it has plans to resume.

The paper did not publish its issues scheduled for Jan. 5 and Jan. 12 and moved out of its leased offices on Jackson Street.

The paper also surrendered its membership in the Montana Newspaper Association.

“They informed us that they were not going to be publishing the paper any more,” said Joe Jacobs, MNA advertising director.

Staff at the paper’s printer, River’s Edge Printing in Great Falls, said it had not printed the paper’s first two January issues but that they did not know anything about its future.

The weekly paper had already taken a scheduled hiatus around Christmas, skipping its last two December issues.

“I got a call from them … saying they were going to extend their vacation time, that they were burnt out,” said Walter Jankowski, who has worked delivering the paper. He did not know when or if it planned to resume.

Last week, people were seen removing boxes from the offices but did not answer the door when the Independent Record knocked seeking comment. A sign on the building said “For Lease.”

Asked at the office on Jan. 8, Editor-Publisher Cathy Siegner would not say whether the paper had ceased publication.

“When I have something to say, I’ll say it,” she said.

The paper normally publishes every Wednesday and was available in numerous stores and restaurants in the area. Calls and e-mails last week and again Friday seeking comment were not returned.

Reporter Sanjay Talwani: 447-4086 or

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I couldn't be more broken hearted. God save he queen!


Maybe the folks who have been reading it finally have had enough of them being a print version of THE DAILY KOS or DEMOCRAT UNDERGROUND and they found that the cost of printing the paper was no longer cost effective with only the far left in Helena reading their rag.


It's probably because their loony views have been repudiated. I miss the Adit way more than I will miss the QCN.


Sorry to see this happen. Thank you Cathy for all your work. The grapevine says one of the reasons for closure was that advertisers were not paying their bills...even some big name businesses. Shame on them!


Another casualty of the free market, it sounds like. Too bad we don't still have an extremist majority in the congress, they may have been able to get some gov't handout money to keep running. Not that I am sure it was a money problem, but with free-flowing handouts like the left lives on, they would have been able to hire more people to work there, and not have to suffer from "burn-out". I may be streching a bit here, but I see how the left operates, and it is just solidified by Seingers' comment to say something "when she has something to say". That's just like our own arrogant Max when asked about his thoughts on the health care debacle last year, when he said, "I'll tell them when I am good and ready". Typical liberal arrogance.


It's about time!!!!


I liked QCN and I appreciated having a different approach to the City whether I agreed all the time or not. Thanks Cathy!!


oh man, and that was the good paper in town!


I'm choking on a piece of my heart. Whatever the reason, the ride was beautiful; many unsuspected jewels of Helena broke through the rough thanks to QCN. Anyone with a half a brain and most of a heart will start mourning now.


[quote]Purple said: "Maybe the folks who have been reading it finally have had enough of them being a print version of THE DAILY KOS or DEMOCRAT UNDERGROUND and they found that the cost of printing the paper was no longer cost effective with only the far left in Helena reading their rag."[/quote]

You make it sound like they were charging for their endeavor. How long do you think that the IR would stay in print with nothing but your angry little antics to promote them?


Too bad. Cathy probably looked at the asinine lunatics that were elected to this legislative session, and probably gave up the ghost. I can't say I blame her. When I read the comments from "purple" and similar like-minded morons that post on the IR's site, I too am fearful over what will happen to our republic.

God bless the USA.


I have a feeling that we have not heard the last from Cathy! She is a great writer and NOT afraid to tell it like it is!! Could the Downtown Helena Inc. or BID "CRAP" have had anything to do with it? Probably. I would not want a business downtown as long as DHI or BID had any thing to do with it!


It is too bad that the Queen City News has stopped printing. While most of the time my views were different then many of their writers, it was interesting to hear how others feel. Hopefully they are just looking for a new place to work out of and we can get to hear views that are sometime different the our own.


It's too bad purple's core values are so shaky that the demise of a paper with differing opinions would be heralded as a good thing. I enjoy the daliykos and myself. If you can't stomach something that isn't what you believe in then maybe your closed mind is part of the problem.


The "QCN" will definitely be missed . . . I was looking forward to the insights by the editor and writers generated by the "happenings" up at the State Capitol Bldg. Every session provides us with apply opportunities for humor as well as despair with a sprinkling of pride and satisfaction now and again.

Hopefully, the "Queen" will be resurrected sooner rather than later.


Helena Pedestrian

Count me among those who miss the QCN. I truly enjoyed and appreciated that publication. I hope it returns.


Count me in as one that will miss Queen City News. It was fun to read and I can enjoy a publication without getting politically involved. I am not in mourning but would have liked a forthcoming answer to what happened. If it was unpaid advertising bills, that’s wrong. I could see the BID getting after them. Too bad.

Skip Kildore

Been out of town and wondered why the web site wasn't getting updated.
Very sorry to hear of this. Cathy was a bit tired of the whole business, I gathered, and who knows what other pressures were on?

It is a real loss for Helena.

Cathy, good luck to you and your staff, and I hope you are finding happiness in your new life.

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