Thousands of Montana teachers are gathering in Helena this week for a conference to expand their knowledge and learn new teaching techniques.

The MEA-MFT Educators’ Conference will be held today and Friday at Helena High and the UM-Helena.

The conference offers over 450 workshops and keynote addresses while exhibitors will be selling textbooks, educational software and other learning materials.

State law requires teachers to obtain professional development credits each year to renew their teaching licenses.

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Talk about a scam!
The teachers union puts together a conference so that teachers get "professional development credit" so they can get a raise.
And this is done during the school year.


I had to take 2 days off of work to take care of my kids so the union could have its meeting.
Scam is right. Have your meeting in the summer.


Do you have any clue as to what goes on over MEA? If you did you would probably not comment on this. I have grown up in a house with teachers and I do know what goes on. i for one don't think teachers are paid enough to teach, just because of how kids and some parents act.


a scam to help our teachers educate our kids...might be the best scam I've heard of. Brilliant comment. I don't believe educators get a raise for obtaining pdc's, I believe they need it to keep their jobs.


Hands on sex-ed training? Let the orgy begin!


[quote]CarrollQueer said: "I had to take 2 days off of work to take care of my kids so the union could have its meeting.Scam is right. Have your meeting in the summer."[/quote]

Boy, taking time off from work to spend time with your kids, bummer. Justwondering had an excellent point. Teachers must attend MEA to keep credentials to keep their licenses. Also, have you ever thought for a moment that a teacher might work during the summer? I know several that do and they can not take time away from their "seasonal" work to attend. One last tidbit, teachers must pay to attend the conference, go without pay for the days (they sign contracts based on days of service and that doesn't include summers, weekends, or holidays), and their spouses also go without pay should they need to watch children because they too are out of school. One word of advice, don't spout off at something you know very little about.


There are plenty of times during the year that this meeting could take place without compromising school time. A good time would be in the couple of weeks before school starts or the two weeks after school ends. Either would be great to start out a new year with new techniques or to conclude on what was learned over the year.

Two days is a lot to take out of childrens' education time. And if you are a working parent with only 2 weeks vacation time a year, that two days is also a lot to take. Those are two less days to go on a family vacation, or visit family, or go for a summer camping trip.


Read today's article on the teachers conference. Our teachers are learning some great new stuff to help broaden our childrens education. The teachers conference has been going on every year at the same since I was in school. I have been out of school for 40 years and never once have I heard criticism of our teachers getting valuable tools to assist in teaching our kids. Reading some of these posts it's easy to see where the students are getting thier disrespect - right at home. Purple your comment are crude and uncalled for.


Its my understanding that children are required to go to school for so many days a year. This conference is figured into the existing schedule. It is not stealing days from our children's education. A four day weekend is also a nice time for a family vacation, it helps to break up the school year and keeps students fresh.

Purple - I almost laughed. Almost.

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