Sen. Jon Tester’s office says that a staffer who is leaving to go work for a lobbying firm is walking out a “one-way door.”

An economic policy adviser for Tester, Jason Rosenberg, is leaving the Democratic senator’s office to go work for a Washington D.C. lobbying firm called The Glover Park Group.

Back in 2006 when Tester was running for office he released an ethics pledge that stated that his office would not be lobbied by former staffers or senators he served with.

Spokesman Aaron Murphy says that all staff, including Rosenberg, are aware of that pledge. Murphy says that Rosenberg will not be allowed to lobby Tester staff.

Tester says Rosenberg is not leaving on bad terms — but he is walking through a “one-way door out.”

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Is he paving the path for Tester after the next election??


Senator Shrek Hits the Deck

In Montana from a ranch around Chester
Came a jar headed politician named Tester
But since he's been elected
He hasn't performed as expected
Now this boil is beginning to fester

His first vote played like an angel with harp
'Cause he voted against the fraudulent TARP
But he showed his first party hackage
By voting for Obama's stimulus package
Showing Montanans that he wasn't too sharp

Again Montana's voters were betrayed
When their new junior senator got swayed
You see he began to adore
A flatulent fellow named Gore
And came out favoring the insane Cap and Trade

Even though Montana's biggest resource is coal
On which a carbon tax would take a great toll
You'd think that a farmer would know
That carbon dioxide makes the plants grow,
But his State's welfare was no longer his goal

When farmer Tester first went out to D.C.
Getting in touch with him was very easy
But now we call and we call
And we can't get through at all
It's an old Baucus trick, rather sleazy.

It was like taking a nice, clean, white towel
And trying to clean up a sewer most foul.
Did we think one towel could clean
That fetid Washington, D.C. latrine
When there's campaign contributors on the prowl?

You see our Senator let the lobbyists peck
At his foundation til they left it a wreck
Yes they wined him and dined him
But when they were speaking behind him
They referred to him as "One-Term Senator Shrek"!

It seems the man with the head that is square
Now keeps his wet little finger in the air
We thought we had it bad
When we tossed out Conrad
But we should have heeded "Buyer Beware!"

Charles Ulysses Feney

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