Michael O’Boyle, Butte

That Donald Trump’s a clown. I feel that politics has gotten so nasty it’s become unbearable really. People don’t talk about what they can do. Donald Trump talked about building a wall (along the U.S. border with Mexico to halt illegal immigration) and that doesn’t make any sense. We’re a country of immigrants anyway. I hope the best for the country. We need to get the politicians out of there and get some real people in. Trump is a showman. He’s a ring master of the circus, all of his own making. If it came down to voting for him, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve voted since I was 18 and I’m 59 now. I’d just as soon not vote as vote for him. I’d vote for anybody else. You aren’t going to get anybody in there that’s a cement finisher. I’d like to get someone with some common sense, not looking to line their own pockets. With the House divided against itself, nothing gets done. We should get somebody from Montana to run for president. You got to put up with it, but it’s still better than living some other places.

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