Mary Ann George

Age: Old enough to know better :)

Address: 12 N. Howie St.

Contact info:

Education: MS Ed Elementary Education

Occupation: I have been a teacher, have owned my own small child care business (Ben's Friends: 1994-2005) and currently work at Helena College as a library technician.

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Relevant experience: I have been a member of the Helena Citizens Council for the last two years. I have participated as a member of many community organizations. Child Care Partnerships, Helena Child Care Association, Montana Discovery Foundation, Habitat for Humanity Volunteer. 

Why are you running for this office?

I have lived in Helena for 30+ years, am married and have raised my two sons here. I am passionate about Helena and know how lucky I am to live in a beautiful caring community. Being part of the Helena Citizens Council has enabled me to give back to the community, learn more about city government and I hope communicate information to my neighbors and assist them to navigate the sometimes confusing city government. I am reliable, passionate and try to approach issues with a curious mind and an unbiased approach. I would like to continue to serve my neighbors for two more years and appreciate the support.


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