Lynn and Linda Predmore will celebrated 50 years of marriage on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016.

It all began, in 1966, with hot rod cars, go-go boots and “Wild Thing” by The Troggs playing on the radio. They met, fell in love, married, worked, raised a family and continue to live in Helena, the only place they’ve called home.

Their wedding ceremony was officiated by Rev. M.E. Allen on Nov. 5, 1966. Linda’s dear friend Kathy Danzer was matron of honor and Lynn’s brother Dan Predmore was best man.

Lynn and Linda share their lives with two daughters, Jeri Lynn Rea and Mikel Robinson; son-in-laws, Buck Rea and Ken Robinson; grandchildren, Silas and Rowan Rea; a son, Charlie Hahn, from a previous marriage; daughter-in-law, Shannon Williams-Hahn; and granddaughter, Nicole Hahn.

Lynn and Linda enjoy traveling and will spend their anniversary eating cake by the ocean. They also have a trip planned in January. Although Dad still loves hot rod cars, he doesn’t drive quite as fast, and as fond as she was of those go-go boots, Mom did let them go. After 50 years though, Lynn and Linda and the Troggs got it right. They know for sure they love each other, everything is still groovy and they definitely make each other’s heart sing.